Barber-Colmar 560/570 to 1/4 DIN (Custom Request) (AP1053-1049-XX-XX-XX-XX)

Manufacturer: HMIAdapterPlate
Part #: AP1053-1049-SM-ST-00-00

Expedite An Order

  • $65.00

  • Existing: Barber-Colmar 560/570
  • New: 1/4 DIN Panelmeter
  • Special Request Unpainted & No Gasket
  • 11 Gauge Adapter Plate
  • Washers and Nylon Lockout Hardware included


Stud Mount Option (AP1053-1049-SM-ST-00-00)

Requires Drilling around existing cutout for studs.  Paper template supplied.

Download DXF: D027783 AP1053-1049-SM-XX-XX-XX
Download PDF: D027783 AP1053-1049-SM-XX-XX-XX


Inside Mount Option (AP1053-1049-IN-ST-00-00)

Studs fit inside existing cutout.

Panel Meter Product Manual