Schneider Electric #HMIGTO6310 to #HMIDT65X (AP3076-3078-SM-XX-XX-XX) - HMIAdapterPlate

Schneider Electric #HMIGTO6310 to #HMIDT65X (AP3076-3078-SM-XX-XX-XX)

Manufacturer: HMIAdapterPlate
Part #: AP3076-3078-SM-ST-DG-4X

Expedite An Order

  • $220.00

  • Existing HMI: Schneider Electric Magelis GTO 12.1" #HMIGTO6310
  • New HMI: Schneider Electric Magelis GTUX 12" #HMIDT65X
  • 11 Gauge Adapter Plate
  • Washers and Nylon Lockout Hardware included
  • Stud Mount (Drilling required around existing cutout)
  • Paper template included

    Download DXF: D025776 AP3076-3078-SM-XX-XX-XX 
    Download PDF: D025776 AP3076-3078-SM-XX-XX-XX 
    View Online: D025776 AP3076-3078-SM-XX-XX-XX