Siemens ITC2200 6AV6646-1AD22-0AX0 to Siemens ITC2200 V3 6AV6646-1BA22-1AA0 (AP5016-5015)

Manufacturer: HMIAdapterPlate
Part #: AP5016-5015-BP-ST-DG-4X

Expedite An Order

  • $270.00

  • Existing HMI: Siemens ITC2200 6AV6646-1AD22-0AX0
  • New HMI: Siemens ITC2200 V3 6AV6646-1BA22-1AA0
  • Mounts Inside Existing Cutout
  • Closed-Cell Neoprene Gasket
  • Includes Washers and Nylon Lockout Hardware
  • The Backplate mounting option includes an additional plate for the Inside of the enclosure creating a more secure fit.  The Inside Mount option is supplied with large washers to secure to the inside of the cutout.


    Download DXF: D030807 AP5016-5015-XX-XX-XX-XX
    Download PDF: D030807 AP5016-5015-XX-XX-XX-XX