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Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 Keypad to Allen Bradley PanelView Plus and Plus 7 (various sizes) Keypad and Touch (AP2007-1024-SM)

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Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 Keypad to Allen Bradley PanelView Plus and Plus 7 (various sizes) Keypad and Touch (AP2007-1024-SM)

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  • Existing HMI:
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Standard 550 Keypad
      • Models: 2711-B5A1, 2711-B5A10, 2711-B5A15, 2711-B5A16, 2711-B5A2, 2711-B5A20, 2711-B5A3, 2711-B5A5, 2711-B5A8, 2711-B5A9, 2711-K5A1, 2711-K5A10, 2711-K5A15, 2711-K5A16, 2711-K5A2, 2711-K5A20, 2711-K5A3, 2711-K5A5, 2711-K5A8, 2711-K5A9
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 6 600 Keypad
      • Models: 2711P-B6C20A8, 2711P-B6C20A9, 2711P-B6C20D8, 2711P-B6C20D9, 2711P-B6C5A8, 2711P-B6C5A9, 2711P-B6C5D8, 2711P-B6C5D9, 2711P-B6M20A8, 2711P-B6M20D8, 2711P-B6M5A8, 2711P-B6M5D8, 2711P-K6C20A8, 2711P-K6C20A9, 2711P-K6C20D8, 2711P-K6C20D9, 2711P-K6C5A8, 2711P-K6C5A9, 2711P-K6C5D8, 2711P-K6C5D9, 2711P-K6M20A8, 2711P-K6M20D8, 2711P-K6M5A8, 2711P-K6M5D8
  • New HMI:
    • Allen Bradley PanelView 5000 6" Touch
      • Model2713P-T6CD1
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 400 Keypad
      • Models2711P-K4****, 2711PC-B4C20D, 2711PC-K4M20D
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 600 Touch
      • Models2711P-T6****, 2711PC-T6C20D, 2711PC-T6M20D
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 6 400 Keypad
      • Models2711P-B4C20A8, 2711P-B4C20D8, 2711P-B4C5A8, 2711P-B4C5D8, 2711P-K4C20A8, 2711P-K4C20D8, 2711P-K4C5A8, 2711P-K4C5D8, 2711P-K4M20A8, 2711P-K4M20D8, 2711P-K4M5A8, 2711P-K4M5D8, 2711PC-B4C20D8, 2711PC-B4C20D8-LR, 2711PC-K4M20D8
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 6 600 Touch
      • Models2711P-T6C20A8, 2711P-T6C20A9, 2711P-T6C20D8, 2711P-T6C20D9, 2711P-T6C5A8, 2711P-T6C5A9, 2711P-T6C5D8, 2711P-T6C5D9, 2711P-T6M20A8, 2711P-T6M20D8, 2711P-T6M5A8, 2711P-T6M5D8, 2711PC-T6C20D8, 2711PC-T6M20D8
    • Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 7 5.7" Touch
      • Models: 2711P-T6C21D8S, 2711P-T6C21D8S-B, 2711P-T6C22D8S, 2711P-T6C22D8S-B
  • 11 Gauge Heavy Duty Adapter Plate
  • Stud Mount Design (Requires Drilling for Studs Around the Existing Cutout)
  • Includes a Paper Template for Drilling Around Existing Cutout
  • Includes Washers and Lock Nuts for Mounting
  • Includes a Seamless Closed-Cell Neoprene Gasket



This plate replaces #AP2007-1023-SM

  • Steel: NEMA 12, 13, 1
  • Stainless: NEMA 4X, 4, 12, 13, 1
  • IP66
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